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“thank you” to all of our loyal customers...

Let me begin by saying “thank you” to all of our loyal customers.  We are now in our 18th year, and will continue to provide you with unique items online and in our brick and mortar location in Nevada City.  “Stay tuned” as I finally keep my promise to blog.  Yes!  I have learned more about myself and the world around me than I ever dreamed was possible.  I want to share.  I’m also curious about the questions you have about where I go and what I do in Asia.  Ask away!


This past January-February marked my 37th trip to S.E. Asia. WOW. The smiling faces I see again and again on each journey there, now belong to my extended family.  They are the reason I feel comfortable and familiar there and look forward to every trip I make.  It has been a privilege to be a part of their lives, to see young people fall in love, get married, have a family and call me “Ibu,” Balinese for mother.  I am still “Sir” in Thailand...oh, well, it’s that language/translation thing.  In this amount of time, my Asian language skills have improved.  I still have the verbal capacity of a toddler in Thailand.  Bahasa Indonesian is a much better fit for my brain, although my comprehension far exceeds my ability to respond.  It is my favorite of the Asian languages to learn, sounds musical and I can read the words!!!  Vietnamese - forget it!  They may use our alphabet, but the pronunciations leave me mystified.  Fortunately, English is the international language of commerce, science and medicine.  I am grateful for my mother tongue.

Shipments from my recent buying trip to Thailand and Bali will begin arriving at the end of April and will start to show up in the store and on the website in early May.  No, it is not just like Christmas!  Maybe it is a little like that  holiday on steroids.  I promise to write another blog sometime soon featuring my perspective on the fantasy of “the glamorous import business.”

We will receive nearly an entire container of pillows from Thailand:  Traditional Triangles, Meditation Zafu, Seat Cushions and Bolsters as well as “Opium” style accent tables, our FABULOUS handbags, home decor  and of course, the Crinkle Cotton Summer Clothing that everyone loves.  Stone Statuary from Bali will arrive in time for outdoor projects as well as plenty of goodies to add an Indonesian touch to your world. Our private label rayon batik clothing line of sarongs, scarves, ponchos and pants made in Bali, have been staples since the beginning.

We are looking forward to another fabulous summer at Spirithouse.  The First Friday Art Walks start in May and we have our Summer Nights events, Wednesday evenings in July.  The store is open every day 10:30 to 6:00 and later during the special events.  Come in and say hello.

Thank you

Khap Khun Kha

Cam On

Terimah Kasih

Janah Campbell, owner, Fearless Leader, Ibu to the little ones