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Galungan & Kuningan - BALI - April 5-10, 2017

Celebrated every 210 days, according to the Hindu Saka Calendar, Galungan symbolizes the victory of Dharma over Adharma, or virtue over evil.  Galungan is the most important feast for Balinese Hindus, a celebration to honor the creator of the universe, Ida Sang Widi and the spirits of honored ancestors.  During the ten days of Galungan, the Gods come down to earth and join the festivities, along wth the spirits of ancestors and deceased relatives, who come home to visit and are welcomed with rituals and offerings.

During the festival, tall bamboo poles called "Penjor" are decorated with fruit, coconut leaves and flowers and set up at the entrance of every household gate.  Bamboo altars are also set up, each one bearing woven palm leaf offerings.

On the final, tenth day of the festival, called Kuningan, the supreme God, Sanghyang Widi, descends to earth to give blessings to all the people.

The entire island of Bali is decorated and the festivitiess are held across the island during this religious festival.